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HL Company’s IAFT16949:2016 Quality Management System accepts TUV NORD Certificate Renewal Audit

    From September 18th to 21th, HL’s IATF16949:2016 quality management system accepted certificate renewal audit. Group leader Han Weibin and his member Wang Fanglin made of the audit group.
    HL Company’s ISO/TS16949 quality system past the authorization of internatinal famous certification authority TUV NORD Group in December,2014, and got the 16949 system certificate. According to the regulations, all enterprises with the effective ISO/TS16949 quality system standard must finished the version renewval before September 14th ,or the certificate will become expired. All audits will execute as IATF16949:2016 quality management system since October 1st . So HL Company decided to accept the audit of certificate and version renewal.
    Through four-day intense work,audit group successfully conpleted audit, and audit group leader Han Weibin and member Wang Fanglin seperately reported the audit situation on the afternoon of September 21st. The general evaluation is as following: HL enterprise scale and production capacity are extending continuously and stable management make HL Company has a deep understanding for 16949 system. In view of this, 16949 system keeps effectively executing.Audit group also pointed out the existing problem and asked to subimit improvement basis within specified deadline. The certification company submitted the documents to TUV headquater and would get the result within sixty days.
    President Chris He expressed his thanks for audit members and required all departments to pay much more attention to the problems raised during audit, and try their best to do the improvement within the specified deadline in order to successfully pass the certification renewal audit.

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