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The company’s party committee organized and held a conference for job description of party branch secretary in 2017 and essay awards ceremony for studying TWO MANUALS

   At 9:30 am on December 23 , the company’s party committee organized and held the conference for job description of party branch secretary in 2017 and essay awards ceremony for studying TWO MANUALS in the conference room on the second floor of the North Building. Party Secretary Zhang Yuesheng, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Su Xiaoping, Deputy General Manager Feng Jun, Yang Liping, Secretary of the Board of Directors Yao Jinguo, Party branch secretary and organizational members of the Company's 22 Party Branches, and six winners of the "Two Manuals" attended the meeting , which was presided over by Su Xiaoping, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission. At the meeting, Commission from Discipline Inspection Su Xiaoping firstly made a summary for the company's "TWO MANUALS " essay activities and declared the list of winners, the company leaders awarded prizes and certificates for the winners.

  Subsequently, six party branch secretaries who were rated as Category A branches in the 2017 Party Branch Work Year-end Assessment conducted a report on their party building work throughout the year. During his debriefing, Secretary Zhang commented on the merits and characteristics of each branch separately. After the debriefing, Zhang informed the party branch of the evaluation results of the party construction work in 2017, and carefully analyzed the characteristics of the party building work throughout the year and the main problems. Secretary Zhang requested all Party branch secretaries to assume full responsibility for the first person in charge of Party branches in 2018; attach great importance to the problems existing in the assessment, form a list of rectification and reform, and make up for the shortcomings; take the standardization of Party branches as the starting point;strengthen the standardization of the construction of the branch and strive for full compliance throughout the year; increase investment in the work of the party branch, with the party construction work to boost corporate governance work together to improve.

  Finally, the Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary Su Xiaoping made specific arrangements for the work of Party branches in the near future:1. The party branch secretary to work through debriefing to establish a high sense of responsibility and sense of mission, the party construction work implemented;2. In the future, all branches should closely follow the standardization and standardization of Party branches and carry out work to ensure compliance with the schedule;3. All branches should form a rectification list according to the problems found in this examination and rectify them according to the list; 4.Party branch secretary should make a summary of the annual work of the branch and make a readout at the party congress, hold the branch support committee to report the problems existing in the branch at the same time, and discuss the main work of the branch in 2018; 5. Further study the contents of the 19th National Congress related knowledge, do a good job related learning records.

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